in a big truck in a coffee shop drive thru smiling and looking at a phone

where we herd yaks,
we herd yaks.

where we kill fish,
we kill fish.

everybody smiles.

when it is time to
film ourselves,
doing whatever it is
we are supposed to do,
we film ourselves.
everybody uses the same
hand motions.
everybody dances
the same steps.

everybody smiles.

where we drive big trucks,
we drive big trucks.

where we shave the hair
from our heads,
the ground is strewn
with our hair.

when it is time to
protect ourselves,
we think conservatively.

when it is time to
protect ourselves,
we gather in our groups.

everybody sneers.

these are all just
developmental stages.

everybody is milling around.
everybody is looking.
everybody is with everybody.

everybody smiles.

an assortment of ocean rocks are vibrant and colorful and shining on a low-tide beach.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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