on leaks and lettings

water leaks from above,
runs down the wall.

not a lot of water.
not a little.

“above” is really right at your side,
shoulder-height at highest.
water runs down the wall.

tear out the structures in front of the wall.
that is too emphatic;
remove the structures in front of the wall.
think a lot about how to stop the leaks.
apply silicone outside,
along seams and cracks
and creases and divots.
apply silicone inside,
along joints and joinings,
run a thick bead along the entirety of the small gap,
where wood meets fiberglass.
buy a roll of closed cell foam insulation.
buy two rolls.
the wall is made of fiberglass.
the beams that support the decking that makes up the roof,
the beams are made of wood.
run the closed cell foam insulation along the exposed fiberglass wall.
make sure it is first dry.
contact a local woodworker,
ask about help
in making a wooden wall over the insulation,
over the fiberglass wall.
balk at the quoted price.

think to yourself,
“i can do it myself”.
don’t do it.
look at the insulation as it slowly curls away from the wall.
look at the small rivulets of water that still
run down the wall.
think to yourself,
“this doesn’t really bother me so much”.
remain unbothered.

think to yourself
“this doesn’t really bother me so much”,
and see this thought
reflected back to you,
in all
and everything
you are.

snow capped mountains and a stretch of ocean water and a small smattering of boats in a harbor

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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