an entrance to an exit

i moved into this small cabin, perched
a heart beat and break
from ocean’s edge, during the toddling
new legs of southeast Alaskan Spring. snow still 
thick in its muscled mountain 
blankets, the alder and mountain ash 
that frame cabin’s deck, 
still lithe in their denuding. leaves still
but a root’d suggestion. as sun 
spun higher in our jeweled sky, i studied 
at the ocean, 
in attempts to understand 
its steadfast patience. A small intertidal island
only yards offshore in this berried bay, it offered 
neither complaint nor clinging desire, 
during its daily consumption 
and abandonment. The ocean, devoted 
in its lunar love, swelling in endless pursuit. 
this cabin held me 
through heartbreak, a woman i love 
finding room to leave in the yawning
gaps of my brokenness. this cabin allowed
me to work towards learning: to cry 
again, to stretch in meditative practice, to gently tend
to the mutterings of my seething spirit. and the ocean
right now outside, it seethes.
the coastal winds carry sheet music 
of rain with the austere choral of Fall. the mountain
ash, framer of cabin porch, it now shines
in the resplendence of its bleeding Fall fruit. each 
berry a bright punctuation point: a period. 
an exclamation.
an ellipses.
as i remove my fleeting physical body
from this cabin, in the blustered midst 
of squalling Fall, i am festooned 
with such kind luck; to have had 
brief inhabitance, to have been 
inhabited, to be anything 
at all. 

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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