diesel truck idles while delivering home heating fuel

i stood maybe 
on silent shore of a mirroring lake deep 
in Montana, up by the Canadian border. 
or maybe
on a rock shattered shoreline 
in Maine, perhaps Alaska, 
ocean salt whipped into joyful frenzy,
later drying into a fine chalk 
on my ruddy skin. like softening
bones. it could be i was
walking to the El train in Chicago, pausing
on an overpass, feeling 
the arterial hum of mechanized blood
coursing just below. in all of this, 
alone. i thought 
of how humans spoil this 
otherwise perfect planet. in all of this,
alone i thought.
how humans bring perfection
to an otherwise lonely planet; 
this is the light that holds 
hands with the dark. this 
is the rupture that is required 
to allow for bloom. we must
always be spoilers of our own
perfections, our every cell aching
for the homecoming of escape. 

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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