sun stunned peak in a time of failure

and Fall is
in the air; 
the leaves 
in coastal breeze. 
schooling salmon 
angle of light. 
bald eagle that was
with its plumage of 
infancy, back when 
i first moved 
into this island 
cabin in May, 
it now wears
its near-full bald head
and tail, its 
black body, 
as it grows into 
its maturity. 
the sunsets
have been spectacular
and i wear their glow
in my humming 
heart. yesterday rain dimpled
the wind shattered 
as a full rainbow stretched
from mountain
to mountain. 
later that evening i 
fired up the aluminum
skiff i rent 
in tandem with 
the cabin, 
and went 
for a 40 
minute cruise 
into the ore of setting 
sun. Fall 
dusting my skin
just as sea-spray
kaleidoscope’d off aluminum
bough, bouncing 
in the late-evening 
swell. my cabin’d skin 
later drying 
to a warm powder, coated
in ocean salt 
Summer’s memory. 
sheltering me 
in hope’s haunting

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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