move into the caravan park and be done with it

it’s a short playlist,
only thirty songs
or so, but
still, it, your
favorite song
of the moment,
came on,
without you
selecting it, right
as you
were running up
the biggest hill
of your morning.

and this morning,
your legs felt
and your lungs didn’t
bother you.
your bowels felt
empty enough,
and your eyes were
ripe with the pale

maybe this is how
you create your own
damning, but
you knew it
as it was
you said it
to yourself
silently, inside
your head
which was full of
your favorite song,
you said,
“this is
the absolute best
the day
will get”.

you even enter
the house, still
breathing heavily,
the day has settled
into its nothingness.
the cat greets you
at the door.
it doesn’t want to be
pet, it wants
to go outside, but
it is not allowed.
it follows you
around the house.
it rubs up against
it looks at you.
you cannot give it
what it wants.

a steady stream of cars
and trucks
files mindlessly
into the hospital
parking lot.
a diesel truck
is left stinking
and running,
in the harbor parking lot.
it’s barely 7am
and the day can’t get
any better.
the perfect song came on
at the perfect time,
just by chance.
the sky
at that time,
a pale perfect

the same color as
anything can happen.

a conical mountain rises mildly from the ocean in the pale pink and blue morning

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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