time doesn’t particularly care if it is understood or not

the dog jumps back
into the car,
through the opened maw
of its large rear door.
an SUV.
and utility.
the dog jumps
like an athlete.
the door opens wide
providing many options
for utility.

the woman looks about
she looks nervous
to me.
she might not be

what do we know
of another?
most of our perceptions are
learned behaviors.
most of our thoughts are
coping mechanisms.

it isn’t important what
other people think
of you.
what other people think
of you
is true.

are you breathing
while you walk?
holding on,
letting go?
do you lean slightly
into the enormity of time,
its impartial observance
of your

honey-colored wheat braces itself on either side of a flat road, the sky gathering in the darkness of impending storm.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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