venables and commercial with broken clouds

it’s easy to turn to
when surrounded by

when this is
when you get
you’ll turn fully into
you think.

earlier, you read
“outline of practice”
while filling yourself with
steamed oat milk
decaffeinated coffee.

later, a man
walks down the street
carrying all of his belongings,
“who wants to die first!?!”.

you have plans
with yourself,
to take yourself
to a pizza place
not far from where
you are staying.
you’ve read
good things
about it.
you’d like to
try it,
you think,
before you die.

you walk by
the shouting man,
as does
everyone else.
all of you,
walking together,
and you think,
i will turn towards
when i return.

you think this,
while you are
by everything.

while you
last night
stood in front of
a wall of speakers
and looked at
beautiful people
and fantasized yourself as
part of their lives.

the woman on stage
pretended to be weird,
made strange faces,
moved her hands oddly.
an act.
full of

being something.

you will eat the pastries
you earlier bought
and you will go to
the pizza place
a short walk from where
you are staying.

you will read
and likely watch movies
or shows.
you will get into bed
and put on music,
listen to it,
as you try to
ease yourself
from consciousness.

a collection of boats in a harbor, behind it green mountains turn to black in the fading light, turn to white in their blanket of snow

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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