he was nervous about his health, was a bigoted vegetarian, and dosed himself with herb teas

big ol’ four door diesel
park it right by the entrance,
as close as you can get it.

leadership is not bullying.

power is not violent.

strength is not extractive,

jacked up four door diesel
park it right by the exit,
as close as you can get it.

i went running to try to run from
the contempt.
i put on music to try to
shake the sleep from my
dreaming meat.

the running warmed my body.
the music pressed itself into my eyeballs.

a man passed me as i was walking,
just done with the running,
still breathing heavily,
still sweating,
music still pressed into my eyeballs.
with these same eyeballs
i looked at him,
he did not look back.

to find peace
we should love

peace remains

park that diesel but
don’t turn it off.
let it idle.
who’s really to say where
we are to enter,
who can tell us where
we are to go.

a large 4 door pickup truck sits on a wooden dock. behind it, a mountain is mostly hidden by cloud.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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