of insects and mammals

they give
for you,
you leave
for them.

if you take
all of it,
they won’t survive.

if you take it all,
they will have to
find it
they will have to
fight others
for their share.

some raise animals
and then kill them,
eat them.
some raise animals
and then kill them,
eat them.

some don’t eat animals
at all.

you live in a home
made of stacked stones.
you walk in valleys.
you climb into mountains.
all of it made of

people from all over the region
a few times a year.
there is plenty
of food.
people drink alcohol
and become delirious
with emotion.
the men
take off their shirts
and wrestle each other,
their bodies slick
with oil
and sweat.
the women
watch and

at night the wolves
come near the village.
the dogs run ahead
of you, you
hold a stick aflame at the end.
the dogs yell.
you yell.

you scare away the wolves.

when your family dies,
you mourn them.
when the winter comes,
you set fire to wood,
to bring heat to your home.
some of the heat is
for you.
some of the heat you
give back.

if you allow them to,
the bees will make you
they will give half
to you, you
will leave half
for them.

the sun is bright.

the honey is sweet.

a small and pale bud, its color a variation on light red, protrudes from a bare branch. the background is light in color and blurry, only a portion of the small bud is in focus.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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