tied while floating

a man visits me
in a small shop.
i am on
one side
of the counter,
he is on
the other.
he speaks to me
at a rapid pace,
tells me,
“i will not listen
to people
who do not
believe me
when i say that
god speaks to me,
i will not listen
to people
who tell me
i am crazy.”
i nod at him,
i look at him
for so long
my eyes no longer see
what is in front of them.
when he stops for
a breath,
i speak,
at a rapid pace.
i use my hands a lot
while talking.
again able to see
what is
in front of me,
i look at
and see him
while talking.
i wave my hands
all around,
i look
all around.
i say things that
some people
might think are
when he leaves
he shakes my hand
and we smile
at each other
and i tell him
in a full honesty
that brings
unexpected goosebumps
to my pale skin
that he is
welcome anytime,
that i always enjoy
speaking with him.

later, i watch
a man
on a video
in Kenya
eat a hamburger.
he says,
“this is the
first hamburger
i have eaten
in my life”.
he is in his
late 20s,
this Kenyan man,
eating his first hamburger.
it makes me
so happy
and so sad
to watch him
that i struggle
to swallow
the cheese and bread
i myself am eating.

that’s all of it,
isn’t it.
so happy
and so sad,
the whole of life.

every breath,
an act of faith.

the broken end of a wisp of string flares bright and fantastic in the light

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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