the never setting sun

you should
feel joy
at the light.

you should
feel joy
at the life.

the clouds
have come back
again, yes,
but still
there are patches
of clear.
the mountains
are visible.
it is Winter
the morning light
comes late,
pale blue
behind the soft gray
of cloud.

you should
feel joy
that you are
seeing it.

a bird,
floats near where
you sit.
you can’t see its
paddling feet
below water’s surface,
and it can’t
see you,
your body,
where you sit.

it is still
dim but
it is not

the bird is
the light is
the mountains
stacked up against
the sky,
they are

you should
feel joy
at being awake.

you should
not think
so much
about how you
should feel.

you should
not think
at all.

the clouds
smear the sky,
you watch one
hover at
the saddle
between two
mountain peaks,
and slowly
drift away.

you think
you should
not feel
how you do,
you wait,
are given
another breath,
another breath,
and feel
the thoughts
drift away.

a small plant is fuzzy in its Fall coat

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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