another classic game of chicken-or-the-egg

a small digital
it reads
to the tenth
of a gram,
of a gram.
i place small
items upon it,
items that are
said to be
every new,
item i place upon
the small digital
scale, it
tells me
the weight is
the items,
the same,
but not
the same.

people in Vermont
take their maple
syrup seriously.
if you say you are
selling Grade A,
it goddamned better well be
Grade A.
we have a
test for that.
we have
for that.
we have a
State job that will
certify and record

the State man,
he’s in the small
store i am
working in.
a serious man.
a man of weights
and measurements.
a man of
we joke and act
foolish, me
and my co-workers,
in this small store.
the State man
does his tests,
on his measurements.
we sell
several grades of
maple syrup
at this store,
the State man
will test every one.
my co-worker,
a short Jewish man
from New Jersey,
he says to me,
he says
“i have an
older brother
and we couldn’t be
any more different”.
i reply,
“so your
older brother
is a 6’5”
black man?”.
from the corner of
my eye, i see
the State man,
at his measurements.
i see the
subtly curled corner
of his mouth.
the bubble of laughter,
it does not escape
from his mouth, but
i see it,
hanging there
in his throat.

i feel very strongly
about the things
i feel strongly
i apply the word
to a new band,
new to me,
that i like.
“why do you like
this band?”,
i am asked.
“because they are
my reply.
other people,
they don’t feel
as strongly
about the band.
they might not
feel even so strongly
about any music
in general.
they might think
music is fine
but hunting,
that’s the true joy
of life.
walking in
the woods.
not talking.
for birds
and for the
of prey.

what we like,
it is arbitrary.
are all
the same.
when god places our souls
upon the scale, they
all weigh about
the same.
but not exactly.

the point
of life
is life.

a small plant is brown and black and tightly balled into itself, resting outwardly, working diligently on the inside, on the cold late-Fall wind.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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