waiting for the bulgur to cook and i ought to be chopping vegetables

sure it can
feel good
for a while.

move to a
new town.
start a
new job.
get a
new apartment.
buy a
new coat,
a new pair of
look at that,
i can walk
right through
the rain.

get sober.
get fit.
try a
new method
managing your
mental health;
tinctured herbs
and powdered
try it
even if it
is illegal.

yes it can
feel good
for a while.

you might like
the new town,
you might not
totally hate
the new job.
you might find
some comfort
in the new apartment.
the new coat
you bought, it
fits well,
on account of t
he new fitness
you have.
the shoes,
the waterproof shoes,
they haven’t yet
sprung a leak.
the herbs
seem to be
the tinctured herbs
seem to be
the powdered mushrooms,
ya, wow,
they really seem
to be working.

you can feel ok
for a while.
you can think
about making more
changes, more
positive changes,
in your life.
you can
think about
a new relationship,
a new
romantic relationship.
you can try to make
adult friends.
who are
not only because
you all like to get
fucked up.
and by
“like to get
fucked up”
you mean,
you all like to

things are
you are
working out,
you are
getting fit,
you are
things are
working out.

it can be
easy to forget,
with all this
working out,
all this
rainproofed fitness,
that your baseline
always waits for you
to come back.
and you always
come back.
and your baseline
is always

were i
an artist
i could make
art of this,
i could call
the darkness
and make people
feel at least
good about it.
make it
make it
but i am not
an artist.

if i were
a gardener
i could take
the darkness
and combine it
with light.
bring about
a bloom,
a fruiting.
but i am not
a gardener.

god uses art
as a method
of proof.
it takes
a lot of shit
to help something

a small mushroom with a broad, nearly flat cap, sits beautifully in a beam of sun.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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