with the increase in daylight caffeine becomes less possible

he complains
about the short statement
he wrote,
how it disappeared,
how he cannot
write it again.

she complains
that he complains
so much.
that small inconveniences
turn him into tempest.

“just write it
she thinks.
it will only take
a few minutes.

he tries to
their password
the website,
so he can
again write
his statement

he cannot.

he sends her
a message,
“what is
the password?
what is
the first concert
ever saw?”

waiting, he
thinks, “why
can’t she ever just
message me back in
less than an hour?”.

he, who
complains and
she, who
complains and
they, who
do not always
match up
in their desires
and importances,
both of them,
trying, always
trying, always

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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