this State contains mountain and coastline and rainforest and desert and city and village and homestead and condo and boat and plane and many method of wheel and right now my roof is covered in rain

why have you made,
why do you make,
the choices you did,
you do?
why do you fail
so thoroughly?
why are you poor?
why are you alone?
why do you fill your body
with such emptiness?
why are you addicted
to ugliness
and why do
you make yourself
what is wrong
with you?

there is nothing
wrong with me, i
am trying
to heal.

sister brother father
mother lonely cousin
lovely aunt drunken
uncle woolen grandparent
step or
half or
whole or
adopted or
blood, terrified
terrified friend,

there is nothing
wrong with you, you
are trying
to heal.

i love my dad
very much
and he has been dead
for many years
and when he died
and now, today,
in the persistence of
his death,
i feel mostly
relief. what is it
that you feel,
and can you allow
your perfect mouth
to set it free?

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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