maybe tree

i don’t know my trees. perhaps
the tree that grows through
the constructed hole in this
small cabin’s small deck,
perhaps it’s an invasive
european mountain ash. it looks
similar and has the white Spring
blooms, though i’ve not seen 
the clustered red fruit that birds
are said to love. this maybe
mountain ash which is maybe
invasive, is not invading 
the front of my cabin. It grows
through a hole in the deck 
that was constructed specifically 
for it. the leaves of this tree provide
coverage for the cabin; when i pilot 
my rented skiff to the island this
cabin rests upon, the leaves 
of this maybe tree allow only
glances, the cabin materializing 
in the chuff of wind,
the shimmy of leaf. when Summer
fades to Fall, this small island
cabin becomes more visible 
to the small bay of its anchor. this is a scatter 
of land that is not often 
denuded of cloud. towering 
sky is more frequently given
cloud’s soft ceiling. but 
these trees, those with names
and those without, they do not 
lack for green. the light,
diffuse through the veil 
of cloud, it still reaches
these trees. and they still 
enflame in their emerald and mint 
of cabin coverage and soft-sigh 
sway of coastal breeze. 
Summer now nears 
its inevitable failing. the sun 
daily arcing through the sky
in ever shifting angularity. leaves 
will tire of their reach
for light, and quietly drift
away. this maybe mountain ash 
will continue
in its invaders skin
and porch hole home, 
long after i have left 
this island cabin, and ceased 
to inhabit my sometimes
maybe home. 

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Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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