52 Hurts; cycle 4

you heard a story on the radio, 
about loneliness, the pain 
of a solitary heart. The story 
told of a whale, soloing unseen
in the blinking eye of sea. it’s song,
52 hertz, 
an unusual pitch, a low bass for
human ears, though a high warble 
for that of a whale. It was
speculated that this whale must be 
lonely, suffering in pain as it calls 
out without ever a response. yes, this whale
may be lonely, salving its sorrow with its soprano. 
or maybe this whale is elated, with a heart 
so buoyant that its song reaches up 
and out of vast sea. Connecting it 
to all that have not forgotten
how to hear. and still maybe
this whale is something else altogether, 
a mood and a tone outside 
that of human understanding. and we
are all round and living, all of us here
on this beguiling spinning sphere, absorbing
our infinite blooming hurts, both 
in giving and receiving, trying to express 
the beauty in our bruising. 

photo credit: Brooke Schafer

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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