a grassland dreams of trees

a sleepy species,
we sleep
for a minimum of
eighteen hours per day.

can you believe
that person is awake
for six hours a day?!

people say,

we spend our
waking hours
making sure our beds
are clean
and comfortable,
making sure our homes
are cozy and

it’s true,
we don’t have
lightning fast internet.

it’s true,
we don’t have
twenty four hour news programs.

it’s true,
not one of us has
a billion dollars.

a sleepy species,
we wake up
and take walks.

we look at plants
and birds.

we hold hands
and fix ourselves
something to eat.

we drink some water.

a sleepy species,
we go back to sleep.

the air is very clear.

the water is very clean.

it is very quiet,
so we know
that it isn’t ever
so quiet.

the earth hums
as it spins.

we crawl back
into our beds.

we have very little use
for killing.

a tiny flower, pale purple, violet, begins to slowly unfurl itself in the gathering Spring

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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