grumpy’s waffle challenge has never been defeated

unmanaged fear seeks
for control. those
who are terrified
obsess over
projected images
of strength.

in the hotel lobby
i laughed at the quip
made by the hotel guest.
the guest,
quipping about
a room with
“two bathrooms”.
i laugh to show that i am
good humored,
good natured,
of good
and non-violent

the room in the hotel,
it costs more to stay in
for the night
than i’ll make in
the eight hours
of work i do
at the hotel.

i once made cheese at a farm
and could not afford to buy
the cheese i made.

it’s the same thing, isn’t it.

there isn’t ever money enough
so we print more weapons.

there isn’t enough here
to allow me comfort
so let me use every avenue possible
to limit my discomfort.

a supreme court justice
has had luxury vacations
paid for by political donation
for decades.
the circle spins
the way it always has;
feigned shock,
feigned restorative action,

terrified men
cowering with weapons.

i have no real interest
in buying unaffordable cheese,
staying in rooms
with two bathrooms,
not anymore;
the next life,
the next life,
the life after that,
will it still be stuck

the human mind
is a clamp,
unconcerned with what it has been
asked to hold.

the human mind
is a midwest mall parking lot,
going back to seed.

a new flower, brilliant orange, has not yet unfurled its petals. they hold close to each other, cradled in fuzzy green leaves.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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