having never said more than a scatter of words to her, of course i am in love

due to your
general anonymity
i’ve projected all of my
hopes and wants
onto you.

your face is like
the far side a moon;
its surface is
malleable, made
of my imagination.

some people go to
the desert
expressly to find themselves
lost inside a crater.
to the center.

the rock is
at times
so hard. even
with the wind
carrying it

and the center is
too hot
for our
narrow range
survivable conditions.

it isn’t fair to ask you
to fit into my mind,
but this isn’t a planet
for fairness.

you wish me happiness,
utilizing a
now-modern version of
to communicate.

electricity pulses
from a small box that
fixates me.
the far side of
a moon is
dressed again
in black.

your eyes are shining.

brilliant white round Winter fruit is framed by the brown of dormant leaves and twigs.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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