i spoke the language poorly but was still able to get to where i was going

most of these
are electric now.
no longer do you need
to grab a handle
and rotate
with your arm.
now you just
put your finger
on a small tab
and press.

i watched her
pull into one of the
eight parking spots
in the tiny lot.
she flipped down
the visor,
into the mirror
on its surface,
looked at her face.
she put her finger,
i couldn’t see which one,
onto the small tab
for her window,
lowered it
a few inches.

it did not require
almost any
physical effort
on her part.

the sun is out
again today.
the sun is out
and all of us who
woke up
again, today,
all of us who
woke up,
woke up.

it required
no physical effort
on our part.

a man, out of focus in the foreground, stands in front of a brief expanse of green lawn, a white two story house, a swollen cotton ball of clouds.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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