nothing as something and vice versa

i’ve been curious
lately about
the line between
“bravery” (or “courage” etc.),
and “desperation” or,
maybe even “narcissism”.
or even just

on the one hand,
i think it’s of course
to just do things
one feels compelled
to do,
things that seem to give
life some shimmer
of meaning/substance.

on the other hand,
blindly swinging around,
trying to force things to
that are evidently not
seems to be a form of
delusion or
willful ignorance.

it’s difficult to discern what to
when the things one
are so devoid of any

would one keep swimming,
for example,
if the machinations
of the floundering body
continually kept it

my boat
still leaks.
i’ve addressed
none of the leaks,
and cannot imagine
myself ever
doing so.

if you get my drift.

water droplets are perfect jewels on the exotic luxury of a soft green leaf.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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