brown bears and red-headed sea birds

if i have no
hands, no
i use my body
as storage.

i fill myself
and bring myself
to you.

if i am only able to
be alone,
i spend my time

i weave myself
between the trees.
feel the earth
press up into
my feet.
the wind threads itself
though my hair,
i feel it
on my bare skin.

if i am
too possessed
by the things i
fill with,
i am not able to
adequately give.

takes something
to give,
yes, and
it takes
a measure of

too much
only ever spoils
the bearer,
the receiver.

when i am alone
is how to learn
that i am of
constant companion.

that i am empty
is the way
to learn what is

a tent is illuminated from within, all around it, blackness

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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