denim and wool // diamonds and wood

i choose my pants

cuff them with

pick out a pair of socks

use discernment to select the
proper pair of shoes.

i make sure the shirt i wear
under the other shirt,
make sure it matches
the pants,
matches the socks,
the socks, exposed
on account of the cuff.

all of it,
matches the shoes.

the shirt closest to me
won’t be seen.
the shirt worn on top
will not be removed.

the pants, socks, shoes, cuffs,
none of them will be seen.

i will stand,
sometimes sit,
behind a counter.
if someone comes in to
where this counter is,
i will not have reason to
alter my position.

it is not unlikely that
no one will come in.

it doesn’t take much time to
make these choices of dress,
but it does take some;

i am pleased
with my cuffs,
my pants.
with my socks,
my shoes.

whether seen
or not.

when nothing fits
how we want it to,
we can make even
our identity.

a man in a purple shirt, indigo coat. blue jeans, and brightly colored socks exposed by cuffed jeans, sits in front of an ocean harbor and some snow capped mountains, on a clear blue day.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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