nicola and nelson

the bag holds contents
just the same.

the stitching,
a bit different.
the material,
a bit different.

the bag,
inside it,
fit the same things.

people put pigment
on their faces
and scent their bodies.
so as to look,
smell, both
less and more.
and hide.

on the west end
there is an obscenity
of glass and steel.
vehicles cost more
than houses and houses
stack one on top
of another.

on the east end
there is an obscenity
of steel and glass.
smoke curls in a pipe
made of glass.
a blossom of blood
threads quickly through
a needle made of steel.
houses scatter along
the areas designated
for foot traffic.

west end,
east end,
vehicles dominate the space
just the same.

west end,
east end,
the dreams
are different, and
just the same.

a brilliant blue day. a man dressed in layers for the cold. a beach at low tide, rocks and logs strewn about.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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