15 seconds slower than average

in the morning
i went running.

it was dark
and the clouds were low.

it was not raining
and the eastern mountains
glowed at their edges.

done running,
i rinsed my body
with hot water
and soap.

i melted coconut oil
in my hands
and rubbed it
into my face
and hair,
into my scalp.

i dropped fragrant oil
onto my hands,
ran my hands
along my sides and chest,
up and around
my neck.

i read a book
and listened to music,
falling asleep for
a quarter of an hour,
a half of an hour.

it was barely afternoon.

i made food
and wrote
while i ate it.

i placed the used dish
on the white counter.

i wrote
and listened to music.

i watched a show
and listened to rain
on my roof.

my body felt tight
and sore
from too much

my head felt tight
and too small
from the hiss of its motion.

i’ve not spoken
a single word
all day,
still i look
for silence.

a man sits on a rock, water behind him. the sky is orange and pink and flaring from the setting sun

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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