georgia, between gore and main

check the weather.
bring a coat.
bring a hat.
bring a change of shoes.

put on deodorant,
you won’t be back home
for a long time.

invest your money in stocks and bonds.
open an IRA.
plan for retirement.

on your run,
on your bike ride,
don’t go out
too hard,
too fast.

save some energy
for later.

you’ll be a ways from home and
will need to get back.

press your foot down
on the pedal,
and over and

the wheel spins.

you move through space.

time curls around you.

up ahead of you,
you think,
more time.
more space.
more unfurling.

none of it exists.

every breath,
an admission
of faith.

a bright red winter fruit, round and glowing

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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