a body in space

in the morning
i went running.

i’ve never been
for running
the morning was
slick with ice.

it took me
longer than usual
to complete the route
and that was

but it felt good
to run.

i hung my
sweat-soaked shirt
from a piece of string
tied in the main living space
of the boat
where i live.
i don’t love living
on a boat
but, also,
i live
on a boat!
can you believe
i hardly can.

later in the morning
a guest came over
and spent several hours
drinking tea
and talking with me.
i guess i could say
this guest
is a friend.
it never was really
so difficult
for me to identify people
as “friends”
in my past;
i find it harder
to do so
i am not so sure
why but
i have ideas.

all day long
i thought my thoughts.
had ideas.
let myself drift
in the sweetness
of dream
and the lilting lull
of hope.

in the late afternoon
i made decaf coffee
and steamed some whole milk,
put both in a vessel
made for walking,
clad myself in rain gear,
and left the boat on foot.

it wasn’t yet raining
though was quite windy.
the rain gear kept me
warm against the gusts.
the decaf coffee
and steamed whole milk
kept me kind
against the rising dark.

the town is small
and there isn’t much open.
the clouds are low
and the mountains are
this evening
mostly hidden.
life feels often
very lonely
and it is sometimes
to feel that i have

my mind
is in my body
and my body
is moving through space.
it feels good
to move through space.
i am very happy
to be alive.

a jagged and snow-capped mountain rises as if by magic just beyond the end of a small unmarked street. the sky is blue, the trees are evergreen.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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