it was somewhat cold so i wore a pair of lightly insulated pants

a small house in an obscurity of woods. 6000 square feet on a golf course. 2 levels 4 bedrooms 2 and one half bathrooms on a cul de sac. a 2 car garage. a mother in law apartment. a 1 bedroom condo with a pool and a gym. a rooftop deck for friday evening drinks. just one or two. just enough for blackout. an old wooden a-frame in a sighing stretch of field. a formal dining room where the drum set is kept. the guitar amp. the synthesizer. a family of mice to share the space. a town with a college. forty thousand residents and a theater downtown. a food co-op. a single family home long ago split into four apartments. a shared back yard. an annoying neighbor. an undeveloped lot that can be cleared. trees to cut for lumber. trees to cut for heat. a flat space to be graveled over. plenty of room for engines. a railing from which to hang flags. an overgrowth of bushes. a lawn gone back to wild. flowers that flower without constraint or tending. berries that spring forth in the Spring, Summer, Fall. thorns, year round. a house that could use a re-painting. the glass gone wavy in the wind. a porch with a comfortable lean. a dirt path out to a small road.

dream, screamo, death, neo-lounge, indie, new wave, classic, drill, conscious, gangster, ambient, soul, neo-soul, old soul, rhythm and blues, bop, swing, trap, house, jungle, bedroom, art, punk, math, college, thrash, hardcore, grunge, shoe gaze, progressive, delta, chicago, gospel, chant, choral, cowboy, garage, dubstep, minimal, trance, rock, drone, acid, downtempo, reggae, grime, jazz, airport runway, cardboard in the alleyway, noise.

aggressive bumper stickers. peaceful bumper stickers. political bumper stickers. gigantic bumper stickers. tiny little dots bumper stickers. a place one has gone to. a place one is now. a candidate someone loves. a candidate someone thinks should be in jail. demeaning bumper stickers. belittling bumper stickers. violent bumper stickers. funny bumper stickers. stupid bumper stickers. no bumper stickers. no bumper at all.

the top of a mountain. the top of a skyscraper. the top of hotdog, covered in a full quarter pickle, two tomato slices, salt, pepper, raw onion, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise. the top of your wife, your girlfriend, your husband, your boyfriend, your friend, your lover, your one night stand, your choice for orgasm, your choice for personal abuse. the top of a mast, no land in sight. the top of your roof, late in the evening, the black shingles still holding onto the sun. the top of the page. the top of your head. the top that makes your shoulders look broad and your belly thin. the top that accentuates your breasts. the top that hides them. the top 5 best in your town, in your country, in your library, in your catalog, in your heart.

early in the morning, before the sun has come up. before the town has woken. before the engines. before the backup beeping. before commerce. before day’s guttural arrival. morning for magic. morning for sweat. morning for glowing darkness. morning for still drunk. morning for again sober. morning for unobstructed opening. morning for continued sleep. midday in the sun. midday in the diner. midday with the tuna melt, the french fries, the sweetness of soda. midday in the darkened room, 20 minutes of rest. midday in the thickness, the slowness of heat. midday in the cut of cold. midday in the monotony of money. evening. evening with the liquor. evening with the beer. evening indigo and evening burnt rusty lusty orange. evening for home. evening for sport. evening for people you choose to be with. evening with chair. evening with book. evening with tea, with TV, with a few hours of time. evening for slowing of piano. evening for speeding of drum. night. night for silence. night for moan. night for sleep and night for stay awake. night for hidden. night for alone. night for people we do not see during day. night for dreaming. night for dream. night for candlelight, firelight, flashlight, electrical light. night for light. night for velvet dark. night for book. night for movie. night for your hand, resting gently, seeking reassurance, on warm sleeping hip. night for loneliness. night for solitude. purple of night. night of red. musical night, muscular night, night flat calm and thinly moving.

roar of engine. roar of wind. roar of ocean. roar of throat. roar of crowd. roar of cloud, pregnant with rain. roar of field. roar of freeway. roar of arena, gymnasium, coliseum, ballpark. roar of city. roar of trees. roar of birds calling. roar of children in the park. roar of fire catching, tearing darkness from small smear of sky. roar of silence. roar of heartbeat. roar of blood. roar of whisper. roar of shout. roar of a beginning, a heartbreaking conclusion, a comfortable middle, a tedious new day, a joyous and exultant end.

emptiness as suffering. emptiness as joy. emptiness as lonely. emptiness as space. emptiness as connection. emptiness as isolation. emptiness as fertile. emptiness as hope. emptiness as lacking. emptiness as full. emptiness as love. emptiness as needing something you don’t have. emptiness as always, already, having what you need.

beauty expresses in many ways.

a cat sits inside, behind a large glass window, and can be seen from the outside, really just its head and looking eyes, from behind and between the branches of a bush

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an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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