i don’t climb mountain, mountain climbs me

no not every day
is an amazing day.

that’s ok.

no maybe almost none
of your days
are amazing.

that’s ok.

a handful of
amazing days
makes for a
rich lifetime.

most days are
even mundane.

today i placed
frozen chicken nuggets
and tater tots
into a small

i felt a
small thrill
at this,
this preparation of
junk food,
this acceptance
that, yes, i am
making the choice to
eat this food.

it isn’t good thinking
on my part,
not necessarily
healthy behavior
but i am no less

not every day
is amazing
and tomorrow
i plan on going to
a hardware store
to buy some light bulbs
and i looked at
the weather forecast
and it’s calling for
rain so today i will
re-heat frozen sections
of potato and chicken
and a whole host of
preservatives and
i will cocoon myself
in layers of normalcy
and junk food,
readying myself for
tomorrow’s task.

light bulbs and
rain gear.
junk food and
poor choices and
a day not at all
amazing, which is
which is
amazing, which is

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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