i am not afraid of virtual reality

disappoint a friend.
your mom walks alone
from the auto mechanic,
to the coffee shop.
bagel and coffee,
and then back
to pick up her car.

you spend all morning standing up,
moving your limbs and
digits about, sitting down.
sitting down blurs to laying down.
lying down.
never can you keep
the difference straight.

disappoint a friend,
she thinks you took her
words out of context,
she thinks she has been
she thinks people read
what you write.

if she is disappointed,
does this prove
you exist?

if your mom tells you,
“my car is ready,
so i will walk to go get it”,
do you know then
that you exist?

if you wake up,
un-shuttered eyes
drinking in all this existence,
do you believe
what they show you?

and if you don’t believe,
do your limbs
and digits
recognize your wishes
just the same?

be still,
and now move.
move, and now
be still.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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