a group of ravens with plumage puffed to the cold ate garbage unabashedly and stared at me as i got into a car

walking a dog
through a park
tall with totem poles,
singing with trees.

walking a dog
it stops to nose,
i stop too.

we walk together
along a brackish
section of river.
there are birds
floating along
in the water.

i say to the dog,
there are ducks”.

the dog looks
at me,
the dog glances
towards the water.
the dog noses
the base of a tree.

“i don’t actually know
if these are ducks”,
i think,
maybe just a touch

perhaps if i knew
better my birds
i might not find myself
walking alone
in a park of tall totems
and singing trees,
with a dog
that is not mine.

“i don’t actually know
if those are ducks”,
i tell the dog,
“but i am certain
they are birds”.

the dog looks
up at me,
the dog glances
over at the water.
the dog looks
off into the woods,
and follows me
without shame
as i continue walking
on down the trail.

the dog runs up ahead.
the dog stops
and looks into the woods.
the dog looks over
at the running water. t
he dog looks back at me,
and waits for me
to catch up.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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