blades on Eddie Bauer//~//competition i devour

i’ve been being
cool. i’ve been
being cool
my whole life.

ol’ boy here
in a tiny town
on a massive island
on this good goddamned
spinning wobbling tilting
sphere, a decade ago,
maybe two, he put 20
inches of chrome on the
Escalade. ol’ boy sells
furs! in a town of 8500
year-round residents and
floating cities of Summer
that belch and disgorge rumpled
wobbling (no not like this
perfect planet, no) folks
who want french fries
and hot dogs and
sodium sulfite and furs.

i’ve been being
cool. ol’ boy put 20
inches of chrome on
the Cadillac, the Cadillac
fur-seller puts 20
inches of chrome on the
Cadillac around a decade after
folks deep down in
the South started
chopping blades.

a fella like me
i’ve BEEN being cool
and i was fat and then
skinny and now more just kinda
wavering and sea green tidal,
coming and going.
no not glacial river mint
green, and no not herring
spawn incandescent milky
green. sea green like
cool. sea green like
hello. sea green like
goodbye. and
wouldn’t you know
but i’m back, man i am
BACK! and here in this
tiny town, massive
island, good god
planet, here again
on the busted jaw street
of broken porches and
fish processing plants, here
again and dang! ol’ boy
whip up in an Escalade, and
dang! ol’ boy put them
matte black rims
up on his truck!
it used to be popular
to call that matte black
“murdered”, and you already know
that i been being
cool and so what else is there
to do but throw smiles
out into toothy violent
hubcaps and all that laughing

do not worry, cool
or not, tourists
are BACK
and we do not
care about the
virulence of death.
life exploding from
every little wiggle
in this wobble and
we take trips to the
bank, thinking this life

as a measure of comfort,
steady toddle towards
familiar. as a
measure of habit,
familiar in turn brings us
suffer. is this not a
wobble? reverberations,
at our ever
cyclic centers?

low-tide in July

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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