i would like a discount on a credit card reader and as this want has gone unheeded, i decide to deride those who have found capitalistic success

made shy by
window coverings.
a pair of black
shorts. a black t-shirt.
a looped length of
gray wool. i cover
my windows to
keep out the light.

when i was
young, some
of the churches
i attended
provided head
coverings for
the attending
women. women,
so often asked,
“attend to”.

fascinating, bits
of lacy cloth,
the women already
with hair so long,
still they are
asked, “cover

is god really
so bright? perhaps
god is only
shy, preferring to
peek from around
the muted safety
of these coverings.

leaving my windows
covered, i enter
into the boldness
of morning,
the ocean is
at my side.
a sea lion
wetly exhorts in
the channel, in the
its head is
sheen’d in water,
water tumbles,
from lustrous skin.

i put a hooded
shirt on my body,
put the hood
up. it is still
cool in the morning,
whether bold or
shy. fascinating
still, how boldly
we hide.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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