it looks very inviting

a man, walking by
with coffee in his warm hands,
stops into the small shop
i am in, saying,
“the window looks
more open and bright,
it looks very inviting”.

i help a woman. i help her
move some appliances.
the cleave of her ass
shows from under slipped
coverage of her jeans.
good-naturedly, she
makes a joke about
her mild exposure.

i listen to music
most of the day.
the people who make
the music, some of them,
they are sweet and
they are tender.
they are strangers and
they make music. and it
makes me happy and it
makes me cry.

i ride a bike, and
sometimes i drive a car.
today it was my
very good friend’s
car, she has left
our island to go to Oregon,
for a visit of pleasure.
and i drive her car
while she is gone.
i drive it to the post office.
i drive it to the harbor.
i drive it to the small shop,
(“it looks very inviting”).
people stop at stop signs.
people generally use
their indicators, indicating their
intentions to turn.
i arrive at all destinations
without incident or

two more friends
—so many friends!—
in two days, they
say complimentary and kind
things to me, regarding what
i write. this feels
very good.

people are good.
people are nice.
people are trying
very hard.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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