odd electronic music from Japan, black coffee from Guatemala, beguiling human body from a confused planet

even dread
has its excitement.

wake to dread,
and wake to
excitement of being

so much
possibility in this

still i suffer as still
i hope; a cup
of coffee with
an old friend,
the absurdity of
modern communication,
sending out
electric fingers
into the ether,
to find the texture
of connection.

a few hours in
and excitement,
have succumbed
to deadening fatigue
of dread,

the lolling lull
of middling day’s
flaccid middle,
it stretches
when one wakes
too early.

with its gun-metal
dreams, its
violently rotating

a boat
in the channel
moans its horn
to the fog.
a knife
on the magnet
mounted to the
kitchen wall,
gleams benignly
in the undecided

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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