my man out in Vermont hauls his syrup with draft horses and a wagon and this reminds me of a woman who was much shorter than i but could outrun me both sprinting and in marathon

the average doctor
in america
spends between 7 and
11 minutes with a patient.
7 to 11 minutes to
properly diagnose
and treat
a human life.

i think;
the human body and
brain often posses the
power to self-heal,
that what we lack
isn’t ability, no,
but belief.

we use doctors
and shamans and
gurus and mystics
as avenues of allowance,
needing permission
from someone we perceive
as an authority,
in order to heal.
and i wonder
if we were to only spend
7 to 11 minutes
with ourselves, in the dark
rooms and dry wells
that we so often avoid,
i wonder if that might allow us
to cultivate a belief
in ourself powerful enough
to heal back the broken
bones and swollen hearts,
to mine the bruises
of our existence
for the inherent beauty
contained within?

thanks for letting me
know your thoughts about
dating and relationships
as they pertain to me.
and you.
i would be a liar if i said
“i am not attracted to you.”
i would be a liar if I said
“i am not mostly awkward.”
i would be a liar if I said
“i am not attracted to
the light behind your eyes”,
the amorphous energy
that some call Soul or
Spirit or Aura or even just
and of course I know
you are leaving soon.
and I do not want to serve
as distraction.
and even were we to
quickly and completely
fall into love,
i would not want you
to Stay, would not
want you to change a thing
about your soon-to-be-here plans
of travel and exploration,
progression and digression.

we all spin on this
perplexing sphere,
we all work towards
our subjective definitions
of Happiness.

i would say that i might want
to hold your hand when you sit
next to me.
and I would say that i
can respect if you have
no desire to go
down that path at all,
if you’d prefer
i stay rooted to
the far end of the couch,
chest rising and falling,
ticking out the finite days
of our infinite existence.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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