too needy for asceticism i fill my belly with lentils and tea and watch the clouds show off in hail and sleet and rain

i am unsure. i feel
like Spring, i suppose;
a transition of energy.

this planet is full
of liquid molten moving
rock. hard plates sit atop
liquid, giving us a sense
of permanence, solidity.
we plant our flags,
ever forgetful of what
we claim to be,
in this lithe land.
the body, also
a planet.

it’s curious to me,

to try to grow
and encourage
positive human connection
and community,
while also feeling a
growing distance
from so much
of what is
currently perceived
as “communal”.

if you feel at odds with your body,
the space your body occupies
in the physical world; wait.
do not despair,
or do. do despair
or do not. do not do;
the action of inaction is
profound in its subtle humming.
frenetic motion is often a
producer of glue:

we throttle and thrash
we further enmesh ourselves
with whatever we attempt to flee.

through distance you might find
community, and through silence
you might find yourself better
understood. remember,
kind and good friends
all of you, a halibut starts
with its eyes on both sides
of its head. independent
of the desires of the fish,
the eyes begin their journey.

a flat fish finds comfort
in the round belly of sea.
its eyes stare ever towards
that which it cannot touch,
while it’s belly touches that
which it cannot see.
wait, beautiful and fragrant
friends, wait for your sight
to begin its travel.
do not despair, or do,
but do not abandon
yourself in the beguiling shift
of season. your body is
a planet.

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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