writing emails to musicians i like

in the photo she is slightly
inclined towards me, while 
i face the camera 
with an indirect directness.

it’s tiresome, isn’t it? 
the cutesy use of dichotomy? 

to incline indirectly, to recline 
without a loss 
of traction. and if 

she is to be slightly inclined 
towards me, in that 

quick stealing of soul, 

than what might i extrapolate 
from that?
with my slow 
snap of synaptic 
blackstrap, swelling and
wailing thought. it’s sweet 
though, isn’t it? 

this is a riddle 
of trying, the subjectivity 
of “best”. looking at this 
photo, i cannot help 

to wonder at what she
leans towards, and what
the slope of my pummeled shoulders
might indicate. 

how can it be, body? how
can it contain, mind? if she slightly
inclines towards me, perhaps 
this speaks to a sharing; that 
we are these teardrop 
individuals, and also leather 
and wood, wool 
and down; rainclouds 
that do not contain rain, 
rather, teardrop. you, 
over there, with the muttering 
mind! you and i are sharing 
these thoughts! thank you 
for inclining towards me, i am 
sorry for my inability to share
in your tongue. 

mine is twitching, a spigot 
of foreign fish 
wending upstream to a shared 
bed. this planet houses
all of us, even those who 
feel only vaguely a home. 

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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