in forgetting its form, ego compares itself to lake and feels inadequate

feeling foolish and meager, i write 
upon this page. perhaps this 
will inflate my flagging flesh? maybe 
my mind will still from its breeze 
of ineptitude? and what is it to feel
flung and wrecked by relentless muttering
doubt? is it ego that rides 
riffling winds, its false feathering 
turned to stone, at the sighting of eagle 
and hawk? i see photos
of alpine lakes and feel
myself both buoyant and sodden; this is beauty
and i am not there. and a lake
is a container, so my mind puddles
on capacity. we each in our every form 
are given to encapsulation. to hold 
and to be beheld. at what wonder 
might my meager mind allow itself joy 
in what it is capable of? 
the legs that have carried me, do they earn
forgiveness? is this hopeful 
body and huffing mind beholden to only
that which it can earn? i love 
but am unable to understand how to be

a friend was just up
there in that alpine, with the eagle 
and hawk, seeing for me
the lake and the rioting wind. 
he hasn’t told me but still he tells me; 
the lake is not fixed in its capacity
to contain. and you, you are not bound 
by what you are able to hold 
and accept. the only law that governs 
you is that you are of perpetual motion.
your borders are that of shadow
line, and all that you can contain is ever
more than enough.  

Published by Zak

an intertidal island in an ocean of impermanence.

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